Amy Patterson

 Before :

 After :

Hey gang! I started my Crossfit "journey" approximately 3 years ago. (Jan 2013). I will literally never forget my first WOD ever was The Filthy 50! Thankfully Coach Chris Auster took mercy on me and I did "The Terrible 25!" I look back at my book from that day (yes, we kept books before Wodify!). I had to do WALL PUSH UPS and could barely swing a kettle bell and jumping on a box of ANY height-- Forget about it! Today I can proudly say I can do all of those things and then some! I am still learning things daily and I am far from "athletic" but I have come SO FAR it truly amazes me! I have to give credit to each and every coach at CFBC for this. You are all so knowledgable and encouraging- I couldn't have done any of this without your help & instruction. A couple of other guys responsible for my "sticking with it" are my wonderful hubby Brigg and incredible son Griffin! They have been so supportive of me. Without their encouragement I probably would have given up & quit by now! I absolutely love being a part of "The Rooster Crew." I have formed so many awesome friendships. I feel so incredibly blessed! Crossfit has been such a rewarding & positive experience and I hope to continue for years to come! I have truly never felt better! For those of you who think "I can't do that"... I am the #1 prime example- if I can do it ANYONE CAN DO IT! Thank you all so much:) and thank you too for allowing me to "bust a move" when I see fit! Haha!!!! Sincerely Amy Patterson