Meet Our Coaches

Chris Auster
Owner / Head Trainer

- CrossFit Level 3 Trainer

- Precision Nutrition L1 Certified
- CrossFit Olympic Weight Lifting
- USAW Olympic Weight Lifting Level 1
- CrossFit Mobility

- CPR/AED Certified


Continuing Education:
- Outlaw Competitors Camp at CrossFit NOLA
- Gymnastics/Olympic Weightlifting Clinic with Chad Vaughn & David Durante CrossFit Austin

My goal as a coach is to see every member pursue excellence in every facet of fitness. From Running to gymnastics, and Weightlifting. We are by no means a ” elitist gym “, but instead quite the opposite. We want you to achieve individual excellence in every movement, and in turn become fit, prepared, and healthy. I have personally seen this happen with the majority in CrossFit, including myself.


Chris’s background includes completion of his Bachelor’s in Finance & Economics from Lamar University in 2009, followed by a career in the banking and financial services industry.  During the fall of 2009, Chris attended his first CrossFit workout located in a local park and was hooked.  He went on to complete his CrossFit Level 1 certification has been a coaching ever since.  In January 2010, Chris successfully launched a CrossFit BootCamp in Vidor, increasing membership from only 8 members to over 40 in a short time.  He then opened CrossFit Bridge City in January 2012 to expand on his skills and passion for coaching. Today CrossFit Bridge City is the premier CrossFit facility in the area, and proud to be the original in Orange, TX.


How did you get into fitness?

- I did my first CrossFit workout in a park with a set of dumb bells and a kettlebell, and was immediately hooked. I began doing 1-2 CF workouts a week, and that quickly turned to 4, then 5 plus! From there my thirst continued with getting several certifications, and spending time with experts gaining knowledge and experience on everything from mobility to Oly Lifting.


Why do you coach?

- I enjoy seeing people progress and accomplish goals. CrossFit is a great way to set, and measure those goals. Being a coach of CF allows me to help people reach them!


Do you have any recommendations for people just getting started?

- Good movement is everything! Start slow, listen to the coaches and practice moving well. This will not only keep you safe, but give you the best long term results possible. Good movement and Personal Bests go hand in hand!


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Carrie Pugh
CFL2 Coach & Kids Coach / Nutrition Coach

- CrossFit Level 2
- CrossFit Kids

- CrossFit Gymnastics
- Precision Nutrition Level 2 Coach

-CPR/AED Certified 

Continuing Education:
- The Outlaw Way Training Camp with Rudy Nielsen, Spencer Arnold & Michael Winchester (Crossfit NOLA 504)
- Freestyle Connection Movement Seminar with Carl Paoli (CrossFit Central Downtown)
- Olympic Lifting Seminar with Matt Bruce
- Gymnastics Seminar with Jessica Estrada

I am a mom of two girls and work as a Small Business Consultant when I’m not coaching at CFBC.  My background includes a BA in French, BBA in Finance and an MBA.  When CFBC opened in January 2012, I began training with the full CrossFit program and later went on to get my CrossFit Level 1 Certification in February 2012.  In April 2012, I obtained my CrossFit Kids Certification.  I wanted to bring a fitness program to our area that I believe in and know that will bring about positive results. We have way too many things in life that promote inactivity. So, I train kids how to move and and feel better. 

I work with clients that range from age 9 to 89.  We scale our program so everyone can benefit from our program regardless if they are an elite athlete or our grandparents.  I want to watch our clients reach their full potentials for all areas of fitness and nutrition.  

How did you get into fitness?

- I had tried every gym in the area and just couldn't get myself motivated to continue going, or get what I was looking for out of their programs.  I was looking for a new challenge when I stumbled onto CrossFit Beaumont's bootcamp back in May 2011.  Instant results led to increased interest and 8 years later, I still love this sport.


Why do you coach?

- I believe in this fitness program, I know it changes lives, I've seen it first hand.  I coach because I love the results our clients get out of our programming and nutrition services.


Do you have any recommendations for people just getting started?
- Yes! Be open minded and show up, let us handle everything else.  Also, I highly recommend not changing too many things at once - don't try to "fix" your diet AND begin a crazy 7 day/week work out schedule at first.  I always tell my clients to start by hitting 3-4 days per week at the gym and then incorporate diet changes slowly.  I find that if you try to change too much, it becomes overwhelming and clients tend to fail. 

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Maggie James

CFL2 Coach


-CrossFit Level 2

- CrossFit Gymnastics
- CrossFit Kids

- CPR/AED Certified

Continuing Education:

-Gymnastics Seminar with Jessica Estrada


My back ground includes being a T&T gymnast since I was 7 until freshman year in high

school. After that I was a competitive cheerleader and UCA coach during the summers.

I joined CFBC in 2015 and then got my Level 1 Certification in 2016. I went from coaching kids to now coaching a wide range of athletes. I love to coach, because it is a joy to see people set goals and work hard to achieve them.  


How did you get into fitness?

-As being a competitive gymnast and cheerleader it was normal to condition your body, but once I graduated college I could not find the right way for me to stay motivated. The owner that I was working for at the time joined CrossFit and said he enjoyed it and that I should give it a try. After a year went by and I still found nothing that was helping me, I decided to try CrossFit and from then on I have been hooked.


Why do you coach?

-I enjoy helping people accomplish their goals and see the progress that everyone makes. Helping someone get past their road block is such a fun process to help anyone succeed in and outside of the gym.


Do you have any recommendations for people just getting started?

-Call, come in, and try it out. You will not know unless you try. And the best advice is consistency is key. It takes time and hard work, but it is worth it in the long run.  

Andres De La Puente

CF Level 1 



-CrossFit level one 

- CPR/AED Certified

Continuing education: 

- MadLab Professional Coach Development Program
- CrossFit level two

My background in fitness is probably a little different than what you’d expect. Never played sports growing up, but I always enjoyed moving and pushing myself. After high school I got into boxing for a couple of years but I didn’t like the gym I was at, nor could I find another so I got into running. About 5 or 6 years ago my best friend invited me to the gym and I liked it, I’d always been interested in strength training . However I didn’t know how to move, had some major mobility issues, and I got bored of walking into a gym, headphones in, and doing monotonous reps on machines. So I tried CrossFit, was hooked when I came in during a Saturday class in 2016 and got run over by a 12 minute long workout and have been here since. Started coaching a little over a year ago and I love it, I’ve always wanted a job where I can help people and this lets me get a chance to do just that. 

How did you get into fitness?
I started really getting into fitness when I started boxing, and even when I stopped I still kept doing a lot of the conditioning work. From there I started off how a lot of people do, at a regular gym doing reps with my headphones in. Got bored with that and tried into CrossFit, and took to it like a fish to water. 

Why do you coach?
I coach because I want help people be able to get health and stay healthy, being able to help someone reach their health and fitness goals is a great process to be a part of, then seeing how reaching those goals have positive effects in life, it’s a good feeling. 

Do you have any recommendations for people just getting started?
Just come in and try it out! I know it can be scary and some of the movements may seem impossible, but there are substitutes and ways to scale to your current level that’ll still give you the workout you’re looking for.

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