CFBC Rooster Crew at Erin's Bridal Shower WOD

Erin Loar


I’ve often joked, “Fight the battles you can win”.  Generally that meant I would drink a diet coke with my burger and fries.  I’m normally pretty active and it’s kept me from getting completely out of control.  But my actual fitness efforts came in bursts.  I would find a program or a class or a training schedule and when I was done with the session or hit a road block I would take a break; again relying on my regular day to day  hobbies/chores to take care of all my additional calories.

I moved to Orange last summer and my new place was in town.  My usual “’round the horse barn” chores were drastically diminished.  I needed to get involved in something physical but I wasn’t sure what.  I looked into several different options and decided on CrossFit Bridge City; mostly because of the schedule.  My opinion was that anything was better than nothing.  Fight the battles you can win – if I get up and work out early I’ve combated part of the bad things I’m going to eat today!

I started with the M-W-F 6am class.  The first morning I remember thinking that the warm-up was harder than any workout I’d ever completed!  The whole experiment lasted about 2 months.

Tuesdays and Thursdays off made it hard to get up on my workout days and I eventually decided I needed a break.  There were parts of my new job that I needed to focus on and my mind was really tired.  I made a conscious effort to sleep.  A LOT.  By Thanksgiving I was getting my job figured out and my exhaustion had faded.  And then it was going to be Christmas!  And the box moved.  Oh dear, where did it go?  I’m not from here, how will I find it?  Better sleep in another week.

Have you ever noticed that once you get an excuse it continues to just feel nice?  And finding another excuse feels completely rational.

I rested.  I ate.  I worked a lot.  And I looked like a SAUSAGE in a photo my friend took of me.

As I rested and ate, I noticed my jeans were tighter, but I didn’t notice they were that much tighter!

On the drive home from Christmas I gave myself a good stern talking to and devised a plan to get back to CrossFit.  New rule – if I get up to go to work, I have to go workout first.  No excuses.

Did you know the 5AM Rooster Crew is really intimidating??  They are tough looking athletes!  And I didn’t really want to go back.  Subconsciously at first and then right up in my face as I was planning my return; I was nervous about working out with them.

But I did go back.

And I was intimidated.  And I was encouraged.  And I kept going back!

Despite my excuses and despite my doubts and fears, I kept going.  Some areas I’ve improved tremendously and some I still struggle with.  I’ve realized what I eat really does matter.  (Thanks, Stutes!)  Fighting the battle I can win now is about doing things that I once considered too hard and fueling up right instead of countering one bad decision with another equally questionable decision.  Lifting is the hardest thing I do, but I’m getting better.  I enjoy Saturday skills classes because I get the time to think through the movements.   I’ve finally made it to the “doesn’t feel quite as awkward” stage; which is pretty close to the “I think I’m doing this right!” stage.

I recently started training for a half marathon.  My pace starting out is what I usually end up with at the end of a training program.  I know my fitness improvement is due to CrossFit and I’m excited to see if I can break 2 hours in that race.  My clothes are more comfortable and I don’t feel like a sausage anymore.  I knew I was getting somewhere when I had to admit my favorite jeans just didn’t fit anymore – they were too big!

The very best part though is the group I hang out with every morning.  Sure we all have to be away for work or play but we all come back to our Rooster Crew and start again.  And we are encouraged.  And we improve.  And we keep coming.