Janet Lemoine


"My name is Janet LeMoine and next month I will be 44 yrs old. What a journey the last year has been in my life. I've tried many years and many gyms to try and get on the right track with fitness. As much as I have tried to get healthy and be fit I always feel short of reaching any goal I ever set for myself. As I am spinning my wheels at other Gyms I had a friend telling me about CrossFit. Of course like many people CrossFit scared me to death. Never thought I could do anything like that. Little did I know CrossFit is for every skill level. When a friend of mine told me that his mother that was in her 60s was going I decided to give it a try. I started the basics class and I was hooked. I never thought a year later I would still be enjoying it. it is by far the best thing I've ever done for myself. I have lost 30 pounds, 3 pant sizes and had 6 inches taken off my belt last week so it would fit. I have to say it felt pretty amazing to see what he had taken off my belt and I will keep that piece on my keychain to remind me of my success. When I started CFBC my feet and knees hurt me so bad. I thought there was no way I could ever squat or run. I am proud to say that I can now squat 133# and I can run a mile after doing a 1000 m row. Wow! It may not seem like a lot but to someone that has never picked up a barbell in her life I feel pretty good about it. The best part is my feet never hurt me anymore and my knees have gotten so much Stronger than I ever thought they could be. So glad I decided to walk in the door at CFBC because once I did I realize that was the place for me. I felt so welcome and so much support from day one. They weren't going to let me give up again. CFBC gave me all the tools for success and I couldn't be more grateful. They set me on track with nutrition, workouts, and support. Such a great staff that really cares and motivates you. Not to mention my family has joined in the journey with me. my daughters, future son in law, nephews, brother and sister in law have all became part of the CFBC family and I'm so proud they have made being healthy a priority in their life also. With the support of my family and my CF family there is no stopping me. Such encouragement that I really needed to stay on track. It's truly a gym like no other and I look forward to seeing my progress in the future. The journey is never over it just becomes your lifestyle. Don't ever give up!! If you have the will there is always a way. Get moving that body!! You will be amazed at what you can accomplish."