Jennifer Nichols

So here it is, the story of my crossfit adventure.  I started crossfit 6 months ago as a horribly out of shape mother of 2 very busy kids and wife of a very athletic husband. My teenage kids ran me ragged and I was tired all the time. I would come home from my job and go straight to the couch and take a nap before I could do anything else. My Dr ordered blood work and my labs were awful. I was prediabetic, had elevated total and LDL cholesterol. My family had horrible history of diabetes, heart disease, cancer and the list goes on. I knew something had to be done but didn't know what. I called my friend Melissa Babcock who also has 2 very busy kids and I wanted to know what magic pill she took to keep her so energetic and happy, she replied "crossfit" and invited me to come with her to a free class.  Now I have seen videos of crossfit and heard stories from non-crossfitters about crossfit and I was pretty sure that it was something totally over my head in the fitness realm but after much coaxing from Melissa I decided to try it. At my first Saturday class I couldn't even make it through the warm up with out taking a break. That Saturday class had rope climbs, box jumps, double unders, and rowing. It was awful and I spent more time taking breaks than time actually working out.  When I left and got past all the crying to my husband about how embarrassed I was I knew something,  I wanted to go back until I could do some of those things. I didn't want to be one of those people that had their butts handed to them by crossfit and whined about it.  The following week I couldn't move, some parts of me hurt that I didn't think could hurt, but I went back again. The second time I went back I was hooked.
I have been attending classes at least 4 days a week for several months now. I have made friends and had several cheerleaders come up and encourage me. The friendships made and even acquaintances that I have met have pushed me to better myself. CrossFit Bridge City is by far one of the friendliest places I have ever been in my entire life, and this box has allowed me to be able to live my life again. When I started my beginner classes with Carrie she asked me to list things that I wanted to get out of crossfit, one of the things I listed was to keep up with my family. Well, I have definitely accomplished that.  In the last month I have hiked Enchanted Rock and across the other 2 "mountains" in that park. In the past I would have sent my family up and sat at the bottom waiting on them because I knew I couldn't keep up. My total and LDL cholesterol totals are within normal range and I am no longer prediabetic. I am living proof that anyone can succeed at CrossFit and change their life. My moto is "stronger every day" and that is why I keep coming back.