John McCombs

In December of 2014, I called CFBC and spoke with Owner/Head Coach Chris Auster and asked him if Cross Fit could help a tall, fat, weak, out of shape guy like me.  He told me about the basics classes that taught the movements and give you a strong taste of the work outs.  Two weeks later after completing Basics I signed up for a year!  CFBC had everything I’ve been looking for and needing to start reaching my fitness goals!  Probably my favorite attribute to working out here is the unwavering commitment to safety and safe lifting practices!  Me being 6’4” and 36years old and not getting any younger with a “trick” lower back knowing that the coaches are looking out for me gave me the confidence to work harder and lift heavier!


It has now been 5 months since I joined CFBC.  I work out 4-5 days a week now and wake up every morning excited about what I will accomplishment next.  I set personal records every week!!!  After 5 months here, I am proud to say that I have lost 37lbs, 8 inches around my belly, slimmed and toned up from head to toe.  I can’t even measure how much my cardio, strength, speed, endurance, and just overall fitness have increased!  Another great part of CFBC is the nutrition counseling that you receive there!  What I have now learned has changed my entire family’s lives forever.  It has taken so much hard work and dedication to get where I am at now, but this is only the beginning.   The best part is I’m not doing this alone!  All the coaches, my new friends, and of course the loud upbeat music are there to keep pushing, encouraging, and supporting me into reaching my fitness goals now and in the future!