Keller Brush

I’ve been Crossfitting for 15 months or so, with a moratorium midway, due to a knee injury/surgery. Before Crossfit, my spotty exercise was with a measly set of weights in my driveway, with less time working, and more time spent standing around listening to Foo Fighters, grasping at straws for motivation. I finally gave up on that nonsense and mustered up the will to try a free Saturday of this intimidating thing I’d recently heard of, called Crossfit. I knew I would hate it (I couldn’t even do a squat, and didn’t know what a deadlift or power clean was), and felt about as nervous as a nightly escort on the front row of church, as they say; that angst was notalleviated by signing the waiver that, in my mind, stated “CFBC won’t get sued if I die here today!” An hour later, it was confirmed: I did hate it!.... But at the same time, I felt like I couldn’t get enough! 

    With the phenomenal coaching staff, and encouragement from everyone around you, maximum safety, motivation, and efficacy are guaranteed during during every workout, which is what I love most about it. The gains have been more than I could have imagined (not Schwarzenegger gainz by any means, but more like the fitness to survive a zombie apocalypse). During the most strenuous workouts, my knee had been golden, but one game of ultimate frisbee, and it was toast. I was afraid Crossfit wouldn’t be in the cards anymore, but, with diligent physical therapy, and the guidance of CFB and CFBC coaches, I’ve just about returned to full strength, and definitely plan on surpassing it in the near future.