Pam Hudnall


I have come to the realization that CrossFit reverses time! I recently spent two weeks thinking about my next birthday. How did I want to celebrate my 45th? It was still months away but a girl can plan, right? Suddenly, during a warm up, my jaw dropped and sadness poured over me…I was already 45!! What a dope!! That was when I decided CrossFit must be reversing time.

I started CFBC in June of 2012. (my husband showed me an online video and I thought he had lost his mind!) I began attending the 6 am classes twice a week working myself up to three times. In the first week, my greatest fear was having a heart attack on the rower. I remember coming in and watching the 5 am class finish up and thinking how intimidating they were. What a tough group of chicks! I have never felt older or fatter. (maybe because I had never been either) After the new school year started, I had to start attending the 5 am class. Move over kiddies – here comes grandma! Some days I felt like a grandma and most days I felt like I was getting better and better – because I am getting increasingly better. My brightest moment came when a young woman working out behind me, said “You are a badass.” I laughed pretty hard at that one but she has no idea how great that felt to hear. (Thank you Katie!) I love the people I work out with – they have become great friends and are so supportive.

I have never doubted my level of hard headedness and tenacity but I think the most credit for my transformation goes to the awesome coaches. Chris, Carrie, Brian, Jesse, and Tyler have always pushed and supported me. They are encouraging and yet relentless. Speaking of relentless, Stutes – I miss your drill sergeant ways. ALL of CFBC coaches are the best!! Thanks to all of you!

In my continuing effort to avoid the scale (which is the devil), I only weigh occasionally, but as of last check, I have lost 27.8 pounds. My transformation is still ongoing and I will not surrender. I plan on being one hot badass on my second 45th birthday!