Jake LeMoine


Down 40# and counting – In 4 months!

Hi my name is butterball, lol just kidding!  My name is Jake LeMoine and I am about to tell you how great CrossFit Bridge City has been for me. I am glad I listened to my aunt and cousin about joining and not listening to other people about how you will hurt yourself doing CrossFit. The way I see it is the only way you can hurt yourself doing it is by bad coaching. Well at CFBC you don’t have to worry about that because they have nothing but great coaches that will push you to your limit with the right technique and using the right weight.  I was diagnosed with a rare case of Grave’s disease 5 years ago that makes it very hard to lose weight and pushed my cholesterol to a very big risk at only the age of 28.  I weighed over 270 lbs and need to get my health under control for my wife lacey and new son Jax.  I was always in pain and out of breath and could barely tie my own shoes. I felt if I didn’t change my life style that I might not be around to love my wife and watch my son grow up with Graves disease. My health put my life at risk if I don’t attempt to control it. Thanks to CFBC I am now down to 227 in just 4 short .months and my cholesterol is now down to normal and my health is under control. I have a lot more to go and plan on getting there also. People say CrossFit is a life style change and they could not be anymore right. It will change the way you look at all the bad health decisions you will make. I am glad to be a part of CFBC and could not be happier with the coaches that train me and all the supporting cast that works out there as well.

Thank you CFBC