All Ages and Ability Levels

Community, Coaching, Accountability 


Generally, a gym experience comes in one of three forms:


  1. Globo gym: This is the big box, community center style of gym. Generally, you pay between $20 and $100 a month for the use of the equipment and you can workout on your own time and at your own leisure.


   2. Group Exercise facility:  You pay to attend group exercise classes, be it bootcamp, yoga classes, spin classes, CrossFit classes,              pilates, Orange Theory etc. Typically, you pay somewhere in the neighborhood of $100 to $180 a month for unlimited classes, or        you buy a punch-pass for $20 a class.


   3. Personal Training Studio: You work predominantly with a coach in a one-on-one environment, and pay anywhere from $65 to          $100 an hour for personalized coaching (often $1,000 + a month).


We are NONE of the above. But before I get into what we do, let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of the three types of gyms.





- Price is low

- Open 24hrs typically


- No coaching

- Little to no community interaction

- Often sign up and very little use throughout the year.

- Low value



- Some Coaching 

- Community Interaction

- Motivating


- Price is higher

- No individual training based on needs/wants

- Injuries 



- Personalized, 1 on 1 training

- Accountability

- High coaching


- Most expensive(often completely unaffordable for many) 

- Lack of community experience

CrossFit Bridge City:


The mission behind what we do is to combine the pros from ALL of the above models, while ditching the cons!

From a practical standpoint, here’s what it looks like:

Step 1: The Launch Program

You will get paired up with a coach your feel your connect with—someone you trust with your long term health and fitness needs. 

You begin by doing an introductory session with this coach, followed by approximately 10-20 personal training sessions (depending on your individual needs). These sessions help identify your current fitness level, your injury history, your strengths and weaknesses and your fitness and body composition goals. Based on the above, you will be given a tool kit to help prepare you to be successful in group classes. 

Step 2: Hybrid Membership

Once you’re prepared, you will graduate to group classes and will begin a combination of weekly group classes (two to five classes per week), plus periodic personal training sessions with your personal coach. The frequency with which you meet your coach depends on your goals, needs and budget, but is generally once a week, once as month, once every six months or once a quarter. These sessions will help keep you on track with your goals, and will also provide an opportunity to address what’s working and what’s not working in classes, so you can adjust accordingly to ensure your continued progress. 

As a result, we believe our hybrid model provides you with all that is required to be successful in health and fitness, including:

  1. A personal coach to cater to your individual needs so you actually see fitness results.

  2. A community-based, social environment, where you’ll feel a sense of belonging to a supportive community of friends. 

  3. Financially affordable.